Michele Kattke, PhD, is a hypnotherapist, scientific researcher, and entrepreneur. 

Hypnotherapy qualifications

Michele received her certification in Hypnotherapy from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in San Fransisco, California and holds a certification from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.



Research Background

Michele received her PhD from UCLA, during which she completed an internship at Genentech, the founding biotech company in the US. Following an interest in altered states of consciousness, Michele was recruited internationally to Melbourne, Australia to research promising drug target receptors within the central nervous system.


Hypnosis for performance and health

True Advantage offers personalized treatment plans using hypnosis and consultations for immediate benefit and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Hypnosis is a scientifically supported, integrative approach that induces altered states of consciousness to create powerful shifts in mindsets and behavior. Applications and benefits include:

  • Competitive Performance Edge (athletes, entrepreneurs, high performing individuals)
  • Self-esteem (confidence, creativity)
  • Learning and Memory
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness
  • Mental Health (reduced anxiety, depression, PTSD) 
  • Behavioral Correction (nicotine addiction, overeating, aggressiveness)
  • Pain Reduction and Anesthesia (pregnancy, dentistry, surgery, aging)

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True Advantage Guide for Personal Success


True Advantage presents a simple, interactive system to transform your existence.

Following the cognitive psychology model that our brains are computers, the True Advantage Guide Series optimizes your daily "Input-Process-Output" routine and leverages the power of the subconscious mind to reach your full potential. The True Advantage Guide presents:

  • Self-discovery
  • Self-directed Learning
  • Project Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-transformation
  • Subconscious integration

Intangibles blog: Life is more than meets the eye

The intangible aspects of your daily life have a incredible impact on life satisfaction. The Intangibles Blog presents exclusive, simple strategies to produce an extraordinary changes.