Using Senses to Fine Tune Your Human Experience

Our society has become so overstimulated that we have lost control of our senses. In fact, we have become unaware that our entire human experience is mediated through our senses. To truly enjoy life, we need to recalibrate and understand how our experiences, which are mediated through our senses, construct our reality.


The Senses and our Experience of Reality:

  • Taste: Impacts our health and fitness. Recalibrate your mind to like natural foods. Only eat foods in their natural form. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar. For sweet, think fruit, sweet potato, carrots, etc.
  • Sight: Impacts our perception of reality. Observe the beauty all around you. Nature, people, the sky, space and constellations.
  • Smell: Flowers, food, scents and attraction
  • Touch and Body Sense: Feeling and doing to learn, using tools, trying new activities
  • Hearing: Impacts our mood and cognition. What are music lyrics teaching you? Are people telling you positive or negative comments?

Concepts to Consider:

  • Always  Trust Your Intuition
  • Control Your Environment
  • Take Action
  • Effective Communcation