Incentivize with opportunity and leverage intrinsic motivation

Modern society has become increasingly egocentric, with a majority of people focusing on getting what they want by any means necessary. Instead, what if you focused on what you can give to others?

At the core, each person has a self-agenda or life dreams that they are trying to attain. For example, many individuals dream of having a family, traveling, or other expensive endeavours and find jobs that offer high salaries in order to support that goal. So, employers use $money$ to incentivize their employees to perform tedious work to promote their business agenda. Instead, what if we intentionally align our efforts with like-minded individuals to advance each others self-agenda? In contrast to incentivizing with $money$, we can leverage our internal passions and desires, which is by far the most powerful motivator of all. By positioning yourself to guide others towards their personal goals, you can provide an intangible incentives of opportunity and personal growth, which has immeasurable value.


Simple Steps and Questions:

  • Identify what a person wants. What is their self-agenda, goal, etc.?
  • Understand what you have to offer. What is your common ground, related experience, lessons you have learned, etc.? Find value in everything that you do, and never underestimate or make assumptions about the value that you offer!
  • Give without any expectation in return. When you help others without selfish motives, they are far more likely to return the favor for you and others without even having to ask.