True Advantage - Urban Planning

Relevant Readings:

  1. The Well-Tempered City, pp. 12-24.
  2. State of the Cities 2017 (skim)
  3. The Solution Revolution - Introduction: The Power of the Solution Economy; Chapter Two: Disruptive Technologies; Chapter Three: Business Models That Scale
  4. Peers Inc. - Introduction (excerpt): pp.1-3; Chapter 2: Excess Capacity; Chapter 3: Platforms for Participation
  5. Smart Cities: Opportunities for Startups, Shaun Abrahamson, GIGAOM Research. 
  6. Startup the $h!t Out of City Problems, Shaun Abrahamson. 
  7. Top Ten Urban Innovations, Prepared by the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities, World Economic Forum, October 2015.
  8. The Urbanpreneur Spiral: 3 Converging Forces Driving Entrepreneurship in Cities.
  9. Excerpt from Sidewalk Labs, A1-b Urban Challenges i. Growing Pains (p. 16 on bottom left corner) – A1-d Barriers/Dependencies (p. 20 on bottom corner).
  10. The Well Tempered City
  11. The Solution Revolution:
    • Chapter 4: The Currencies (skim)
    • Chapter 5: Public-Value Exchanges (skim)
  12. Excerpt from Platform Scale. Section 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 4.1
  13. What Causes Behavior Change? (Review home page and sections on motivation, ability, trigger)
  14. Top Ten Mistakes in Behavior Change
  15. Gamification: How Competition is Reinventing Business, Marketing, & Everyday Life
  16. Recyclebank at 10: What We've Learned
  17. Review the websites of Recyclebank and BlocPower (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (How it works)
  18. Examples of resource and waste-related startups.
  19. The Well-Tempered City (Optional readings from The Well Tempered City are not on Canvas)
    - Chapter 6: Water is a Terrible Thing to Waste: pp. 202-207 Reducing Consumption, Generating Value with Wastewater, pp. 212-215 It All Adds Up, Infrastructure: From Maximizing to Optimizing
    - Chapter 8: Green Buildings, Green Urbanism: pp. 251-256 Green Building, The Other 99, Designing and Constructing New Green Buildings, pp. 267-269 The Impact of Human Behavior, pp. 271-275 Microgrids, Ecodistricts, Passive and Active Resilience
  20. Going Green Can Help the Poor- And So Much More.
  21. Watch:    1.  BlocPower and 2.  Donnel Baird: Energy Financing (2 immediately follows 1)

Online Sources: